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VIDEO: How to Fill Out Work History Reports for Social Security Disability


Social Security routinely forces disabled claimants to fill out forms that often seem pointless, but your answers can be pivotal to winning your case. Attorney Joseph Duerst explains to purpose and importance of Social Security's Work History Report (SSA-3369-BK). This form can make or break your case sometimes, so it is important to fill it out accurately and completely. SSA uses it to classify and assess whether you can perform your past work. If they find you cannot, you may end up winning your case, but if they find you can, you will be denied. Sometimes, SSA either doesn't receive the Work History Report, because it wasn't completed, or they find the it to be insufficient and end up denying the disability claim. Even worse, sometimes they make mistakes and classify your past jobs wrong and find you can do work that you never performed. If you have an accurate Work History Report, the likelihood of them getting it wrong will be much less. If you wish to win your case, it is best to at least contact our office for a free consultation. There is no obligation to hire us, but you'll still get free advice from an actual attorney.

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