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1 Key Secret You Need to Know to Win Your Disability Case!

Social Security Disability is a very complex area of law. There are so many rules that it took me a long time as a new attorney to master them. And if you want to win your SSI or SSDI disability benefits, you must do as much as possible to ensure that you win, because the Government won’t do it for you!

I always say that even as a disability attorney myself, that if I became disabled, I would still get a disability attorney to represent me, even though I know everything that needs to be done to win. It’s that difficult. That said, I’ll give you this little piece of advise for free!

If you use a cane or a walker or any other assistive device to stand or walk, it can be a significant and even a SSA disability case-winning fact. I have won many cases arguing that my client’s cane was required to work and that the need for the cane prevented them from being able to work full-time, making them disabled under Social Security’s regulations. But you can’t just go to your local drug store and buy one of those affordable canes on display. The question is WHY?

Yes, your medical records may note that you use a cane and your doctor may have told you you need it, but if it’s not prescribed by your doctor, SSA can reject that you need it. So even if you already have a cane you got at Wal-Mart or your local drug store, have your doctor write a prescription for you and then you should send it to SSA. If you’re looking to get a cane, it likely will be free through your insurance, so get a prescription!

For more tips on what to tell your doctors, CLICK HERE.

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